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Tu peor crítico

Si te decides a hacer algo, tienes que mandar a callar a tu peor crítico, a ti mismo. No dejes que esa voz interior empiece a decirte cosas negativas sobre lo que has decidido hacer. Si no puedes acallar esa voz crítica, procura no contestarle, no entres en un diálogo con ella. Intenta pasar, no hacerle caso. Da lo pasos necesarios para hacer lo que has decidido hacer, e intenta no escucharla. Adelante!!!

?? Should you decide to do something, you first need to silence your worst critic – you! Don’t let that inner voice start making negative comments on what it is that you have decided to do. If you cannot silence your inner critic, try not to answer it back, do not get into a conversation. Do not pay it any attention, try to ignore it. Take the necessary steps to do what you have made up your mind to do, and turn a deaf ear to your inner critic. Off you go!!

Marisa Navarro